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The Building Act 2004 ushered in new legislation to govern the building industry from 30 November 2004.

The new Building Act aims to improve control of, and encourage better practices in building design and construction. This means:

  1. more clarity on the standards we expect buildings to meet
  2. more guidance on how those standards can be met
  3. more certainty that capable people are undertaking building design, construction and inspection
  4. more scrutiny in the building consent and inspection process
  5. better protection for homeowners through the introduction of mandatory warranties.

The Building Act 2004 repeals the Building Act 1991 and dissolved the Building Industry Authority, which regulated the building industry under the 1991 Act. Administration of the Building Act is completed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Further information about the Building Act 2004 can be found at This site also provides guidance and information about your rights and responsibilities as you build or renovate.

Building Consent User Guide
Building Consent Application Form
Building Consent Application Checklist
Solid Fuel Burner Checklist/Processing Sheet
Application for Building Consent Exemption
Exempt Building Work Guidance
Application for Certificate For Public Use
BWOF Guidance (Link to MBIE Website)
Application for Code Compliance Certificate
Modification Durability Request Form
Application for Certificate of Acceptance
Introducing the System for Managing Earthquake-Prone Buildings
Advice of Licensed Building Practitioner(s)
Weathertightness Risk Factors - Choosing your Cladding
Drainage Plan Template
Building (Pools) Amendment Act 2016
Earthquake Prone Buildings Advisory
Alternative Solution Form
Complaint Policy
Guidance on Plumbing and Drainage Supervision
Statutory Declaration - Owner-Builder Status

Technical Decision re Shipping Containers

IQP Information

IQP Search

Producer Statement PS3 Template

Producer Statement PS3 Template

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