What can I do with my electronic waste? (E Waste)

Did you know that you can recycle your old electronic waste at your local Resource Recovery Park?  These items can not go in your yellow bin as they will be damaged in our sorting system, but you can drop them for recycling.  We accept lots of different items, some at no charge and others for a small fee. 

So, don't throw your old electrical items in the rubbish, bring them in and have them recycled into something new!


Keyboards, mice, GPS units, digital cameras, cell phones, modems, switches and small computer speakers

$5 per item:

Desktop pc's and servers, laptops, UPS, small appliances such as drills, alarm clocks, landline phones, SLR cameras, DVD and VCR players, stereo systems, stereo speakers (per unit)

$8 per item:

Vacuum cleaners, microwaves, heaters

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