What can I recycle?

Love your recycling and set it free!

All recycling should be clean and loose. It's easy, just give bottles and containers a quick rinse and keep items loose.

Any recycling that is tied up inside a plastic bag will not go through our sorting system and will end up in landfill

- don't waste your good recycling efforts, shake it out of the bag and into your yellow bin!

Yellow bin - YES PLEASE!

These items can go in your yellow bin:

Plastics #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (just not #6) Please take lids off bottles and rinse plastics clean.

Paper, magazines and cardboard.

Tins and cans.

Aluminium trays and foil. Try the scrunch test: if you scrunch the foil in your hand and it springs back, it's probably non-recyclable plastic, but if it stays scrunched up, it is aluminium.

Aerosol cans - empty only.

If it's not on the this list, keep it out of your recycling bin thanks.

Not recycling thanks!

No general rubbish eg. dirty nappies.

No food waste - put in your red bin or try home composting with the help of one of our great subsidies on offer - click here for details.

No polystyrene.

No non-recyclable plastics eg. plastic food wrap, toys, garden hose.

No clothes, fabric, pillows or shoes.

No crockery, eg broken plates and cups.

No electrical appliances eg. broken toasters or cell phones - click here for e-waste items you can recycle at your local Resource Recovery Park.

No medical waste.

No ashes from your fire place - wait until they are cool before putting in your red bin.

No cigarette butts.

No garden waste or lawn clippings.

No juice cartons.

No hazardous items eg. Gas bottles, paint, chemicals or batteries. Please take these to your local Resource Recover Park - click here for locations and opening hours.


Glass bottles and jars need to go in BLUE GLASS CRATE, not your yellow bin.

Too much glass? Contact the Council to request an extra glass crate or drop your glass into your local Resource Recovery Park for free! Click here for locations and opening hours.

Got extra recycling?

You can now drop recycling into your local Resource Recovery Park for free!

Click here for locations and opening hours

Not sure? If you've got something that you are not sure if you can recycle it, or don't know where to dispose of it, please give us a call on 0800 685 8514 or email to info@mackenzie.govt.nz

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