Mackenzie Spatial Planning project

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Mackenzie District Council is embarking on an ambitious project to chart the future of the district's main townships and understand how they will manage growth over the next 30 years.

Councillors have approved an Establishment Report, which outlines the development of three Spatial Plans for Fairlie, Tekapo and Twizel, as well as concept plans for the smaller rural settlements of Kimbell, Albury and Burkes Pass.

The Establishment Report was developed following the successful Mackenzie Community Survey, undertaken earlier this year. It details the Spatial Planning process, governance structure, scope, components, and timeline for completion.

The Spatial Planning project will offer up a shared picture of what the future can look like, offering investment certainty to both the private and public sector. Ultimately, it will inform the Mackenzie District Plan Review, providing a filter with which MDC can evaluate development proposals. It will also guide infrastructure investment and allow for MDC to plan for future growth and get ahead of the curve.

The project aims to ensure our main townships are places for people, ensuring growth can occur in a way that benefits the local community and improves where they live. Each plan will be a visual blueprint for the future, indicating what should go where and how each element should interact with the others.

Each local community will be engaged throughout the process, with several opportunities for people to have their say. The results of community engagement will be used as key pieces of evidence to support the final options, with the process aiming to be as transparent as possible.

Mayor Graham Smith is excited to see Council getting on the front foot and looking to get ahead of growth. "While there's no getting around the fact that COVID19 has slowed things down across the district, it's pretty inevitable that growth will pick back up again. If there's a silver lining, it's that the lockdown has given us some breathing space to sit down and have a conversation about what we want our future to look like."

"While the results of the community survey differed across our main townships, one thing that was pretty clear is that people want to protect what we have and what makes our district so special, so this is a great opportunity to work out what we want to see over the next 30 years. We can't stop growth, but we can plan for it and make it work for us, that's my hope - it's an exciting time and we think the community as a whole will get in behind the process."

The plans will be developed using facilitated stakeholder workshops, community engagement, optioneering and analysis to evaluate a wide range of information and identify a preferred way forward for each township. They will look at the following workstreams for each town:

  • Environment, Mana Whenua, Social and Culture
  • Land Use
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Mackenzie District Council Property

More detailed information can be found on our engagement website. Once options are prepared there will be the opportunity to provide feedback via the website.

The Mackenzie Spatial Planning Establishment Report can be downloaded here.

(Please note that as a result of COVID the time-frames have been delayed from those indicated in the report. An updated schedule can be found here).

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