District Plan

The Mackenzie District Plan assists the Council in carrying out its functions under the Resource Management Act 1991 so that it may achieve the purpose of the Act which is to "promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources." The Plan was developed in consultation with local communities and interest groups.

The Plan controls such activities as:

  • Erection, relocation, or demolition of structures, buildings, network utilities and signs.
  • Commercial activities.
  • Earthworks.
  • Use of hazardous substances.
  • Planting, trimming or removing vegetation.
  • Subdivision of land.

Plan Changes

The Council reviews and updates the District Plan from time to time resulting in Plan Changes. These are summarised on our Plan Changes Record Card.

The online plan was updated on the 17 October 2011.

The online plan includes all operative plan changes and shows the changes from Plan Change 13, which is subject to appeal (PC13 changes are shaded in grey).

Links to plan changes and submissions summaries can be found here.

Proposed Plan Changes 18-19

Notification Documents

Public Notice

NZEnvcC202 Decision

Plan Change 18 Final Version

Plan Change 18 s32 Evaluation Final

Plan Change 19 Final Version

Plan Change 19 s32 Evaluation Final

Form 5 (Submission Form)

Plan Change 18 & 19 Notice of summary of submissions

Form 6 Plan Change 18

Form 6 Plan Change 19


PC 18 - Submissions 1-10

PC 18 - Submissions 11-12

PC 18 - Submissions 13-19

PC 18 - Submissions 20-21

PC 19 - Submissions 1-27

PC 19 - Submissions 28-47

PC 19 - Submissions 48-61

PC 19 - Submissions 62-70

PC 19 - Submissions 71-93

PC 19 - Submissions 94-108

PC 19 - Submissions 109-125

PC 19 - Submissions 126-153

PC 19 - Submissions 154-155

PC 19 - Submissions 156-159

PC 19 - Submissions 160-165

Summary of Submissions

Plan Change 18

Plan Change 19

Further Submissions

Further Submissions PC 18 - Submissions 1-8

Further Submissions PC 18 - Submissions 9-13

Further Submissions PC 19 - Submissions 1-10

Further Submissions PC 19 - Submissions 11-14

District Plan Consultation

Indigenous Vegetation Clearance Feedback

IVC Submissions 1-20

IVC Submissions 21-23

Surface Water Feedback

SWA Submissions 1-30

SWA Submissions 31-66

SWA Submissions 67-85

SWA Submissions 86-100

SWA Submissions 101-114

Publicly Notified Resource Consents

RM170158 - TEO Limited

RM170150 - Blue Lakes Investments Limited

Resource Consents that have previously been Publicly Notified by Council can be found here

Limited Notified Resource Consents

RM170182 - Sunshine Housing 2016 Limited

Resource Consents that have previously been Limited Notified by Council can be found here

Other Documents

The District Plan may refer to other documents such as...

Plan Sections

The 2004 District Plan can be downloaded in pdf sections from the links below by using the right-mouse-click short menu option " Save Target As...":

You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Download Acrobat Reader by clicking on the image below.


Planning Maps

Mackenzie Basin Sub-Zone Boundary

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